Personal Moving Checklist



  •                           Take an inventory of everything to be moved
  •                           Collect everything not to be moved for a yard sale or charity – get rid of it
  •                           Contact several moving companies for estimates on their services
  •                           Book a moving company
  •                           Get cartons and packing material to begin packing
  •                           Contact insurance agent to transfer or cancel coverage



  •                           Notify all magazine subscriptions of change of address
  •                           Contact utility companies regarding turn off and hook up dates
  •                           Collect everything you have loaned our and return everything you have borrowed
  •                           If you are moving away from the area, then check with doctors and dentists for   family records and prescriptions
  •                           Check with Vet for pet records etc.
  •                           Get children’s school records
  •                           Check freezer and play use of food for the next 2-3 weeks



  •                           Transfer or close checking and savings accounts if moving out of the area. Make available the cash you might need during the move in case new                                  accounts are not active
  •                           Have automobiles services if you are driving them a long distance
  •                           Remove all belongings from safety deposit box
  •                           Fill out and give the post office change of address forms
  •                           Check all furniture for dents and scratches and notify the moving company so you can compare on moving day
  •                           Dispose of all combustible and spray cans
  •                           Mark all boxes with the room name you want them to go in
  •                           Cancel all newspapers and services
  •                           Cancel or transfer alarm service unless purchaser has decided to keep it